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How can I become a member of Saddleback?

If you want to become a member of Saddleback, then you must attend one of the monthly membership meetings in person.  During the meeting you will introduce yourself and state your intention to join the club.  You must also have 2 sponsors that are current Saddleback members to sponsor your membership.  After your introduction you will fill out several forms for information and submit a $250 initiation fee.

The membership of Saddleback has established a cap for the number of members that can be part of the club.  Once this cap is met the club can no longer accept new members and folks who wish to become a member will be placed on a waiting list.

How much does it cost to become a member of Saddleback?

A $250 initiation fee and an annual $600 membership fee.

If I am not a member, can I ride at Saddleback? 

Members can have guests accompany them on the property, but guests must always remain with a Saddleback member.

Can I ride a quad or SXS at Saddleback?

No. Motorcycles are the only vehicles allowed to ride on the property.

What kind of motorcycle is suggested to ride on the property?

Motocross, Enduro, and Trials. Dual Sport and Adventure bikes can ride some of the woods, but would have difficulty in most areas if you do not have advanced skills.  Street bikes are not appropriate for Saddleback.

How many acres is Saddleback?

Almost 1,300 acres.

What features and amenities are at Saddleback?

Extensive trails covering the property for all skill levels

(2) Motocross Tracks

GP Track

Kids Motocross Track

Endurocross Area

Bath house with showers and bathrooms

Bike Washing Station

Camping sites with water and 110V power availability

What is expected of me when I ride at Saddleback?

Do not leave your trash and take it with you when you leave.

Wash away dirt from the pad at the wash station and disconnect the hoses.

Close the gate when you are coming in and leaving the property. Lock the gate if you are the last person for the day.

If you are a guest then you must sign the waiver and the Saddleback member who will stay with you during your stay must also sign the waiver.  Guests must remain with Saddleback members at all times on the property.

Do not ride past the property line boundaries. If you are not sure where the property line is located then don’t ride there.

What is the history of Saddleback?

Will be filled in the near future.

Who is painted on the front of the bathhouse?  

Ed Fessler and Andy Hardin