Reminder to ALL Members


When members bring guests, each guest and the member MUST sign waivers which are accessible by using the QR codes posted at the pavilion. These forms must be filled out completely by both the guest and member. If guests are present multiple days, new waivers must be completed for each day. Each guest should be with a Saddleback member at all times.

Membership Meeting Info

We will be having our May meeting at the Saddleback Pavilion May 11 at 11:00.

Members and Guests

The club offers its members and guests a wide variety of riding experiences. Guests require the completion of a signed waiver to ride. The Sponsor Member must also fill out a waiver.
There are two Moto tracks to practice jumps and turns, miles of single track in over 1200 acres of wooded terrain.  The property offers beginners to expert levels of trails to enjoy and challenge your skills. Additionally, there are unique areas that offer Trials riders unique natural obstacles to improve their skills, too.