Updates to AHRMA Racing Schedule

The following schedule changes have been made to the upcoming AHRMA Racing for June 28th. Please update your calendars and your friends with the changes.

  • Trials Friday schedule:
    • All Vintage classes, plus Post Vintage Novice race start: 1:00 pm.
  • Regional Cross Country schedule
    • Starts at 3:00 pm
  • Vintage/Post-Vintage Practice schedule:
    • Vintage – Friday @ 3:00 pm
    • Post-Vintage @ 4:30 pm

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2 Responses to Updates to AHRMA Racing Schedule

  1. Hi there! Jeff Carlucci here a friend on Facebook of Oscar Pomeroy. I’m curious do you guys hold Vintage Motocross races there? I thought had seen Ahrma scheduled a race there? Anyway, if so? I’d like to see pics of your track travel there from Millcreek PA, run my 1975 Can Am MX2 250. I also have a MX5: 370 will run this year. Any info be appreciatted. Be healthy.

    • Terry Becker says:

      Hi Jeff, we are planning on hosting another AHRMA even this year. We’re in a wait and see phase right now. I have a short video of the track from last years event on our Facebook site that you can check out. https://www.facebook.com/saddlebackeastmotorcycleclub/ It was early in the grooming of the track, so you’ll see improvements in progress. We modified the normal MX track for the AHRMA event. I’ll see if I can post a longer version.

      I have vintage Husky’s, so I’d like to see your Can Am bikes here.

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