Saddleback East – King of the Hill

When: Saturday, November 18 at 11:00 am to 5:00pm

Who’s going to be King of the Hill at Saddleback East fun Hill Climb event for 2017?

This fun event is not AMA Sanctioned or Insured.
Awards are from the below listed sponsors.

Sandusky Construction – $500
Morgan’s Suspension – 2 Kenda dirt bike tires 18/21s
Keys Performance – Renthal Bars
Fly Racing – 2018 Kinetic Pants/Jersey/Gloves + misc…

Entry Fee – Whatever donation you would like to make. Not required but greatly appreciated.

You do not need to be a Saddleback member to enter. Everyone that is not a member must sign the SB waiver at the main parking lot.

Three (3) Hill Format.
1st hill will be a warm up fairly easy one (depending on weather, Ha!).
You will be allowed 3 attempts to make it to the top. If you don’t make it in 3 tries you are out.
2nd hill will be significantly more difficult. 3 attempts as well.
3rd hill will be the only timed run of the event. 3 timed attempts.

You will most likely start at the top of the hill, make your way down a fairly easy trail to the bottom, then ride over a bit and hit the final hill to the top. That will give everyone a chance to see folks loop out, crash or the rare event of making the climb.

Eligible bikes: Dirt bikes, Dual Sport bikes. No trials bikes. No spikes or screws in your tires. No extended length swing arms. No trials tires, paddle tires etc.

Your run is over if you bars touch the ground. If you come to a stop on the hill and are still upright, you may back the bike up no more than 5~ feet to make another run at it. There will be a set maximum amount of time for each hill to make a successful run up it.

If no one makes it up the final hill or we haven’t filled the top 3 spots… We will have sudden death. Each remaining rider will get one more attempt. The riders making it up the farthest will count towards their finishing position.

Everyone will receive a free Rocky Mountain ATM/MC $10 gift card in the mail. You will need to leave your complete name and address at the time you sign in.

Riders will hit the first hill at noon.

After the event the property will be opened up to all for free riding.

Go to our Facebook site for more details:

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