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Annual Saddleback East – King of the Hill

» 16 November 2018 » In News » No Comments

Who’s going to be King of the Hill at Saddleback East fun Hill Climb event for 2018?

Facebook Events – King of the Hill

This fun event is not AMA Sanctioned or Insured.
Awards are from the below listed sponsors.

Sandusky Construction – $300 1st $150, 2nd $100 & 3rd $50.

Entry Fee – Whatever donation you would like to make. Not required but greatly appreciated.

You do not need to be a Saddleback member to enter. Everyone that is not a member must sign the SB waiver at the main parking lot.

Three (3) Hill Format.
1st hill will be a warm up fairly easy one (depending on weather, Ha!). You will be allowed 3 attempts to make it to the top. If you don’t make it in 3 tries you are out.
2nd hill will be significantly more difficult. 3 attempts as well.
3rd hill will be the only timed run of the event. 3 timed attempts.
Mitch Barnes is picking out all of the Hills this year.

Eligible bikes: Dirt bikes, Dual Sport bikes. No trials bikes. No spikes or screws in your tires. No extended length swing arms. No trials tires, paddle tires etc.

Your run is over if you bars touch the ground. If you come to a stop on the hill and are still upright, you may back the bike up no more than 5~ feet to make another run at it. There will be a set maximum amount of time for each hill to make a successful run up it.

Riders will hit the first hill at 11am.

After the event the property will be opened up to all for free riding.

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2018 Saddlecamp Dates Announced

» 01 October 2018 » In News » No Comments

Saddle Camp (Youth event)

Date: October 20, 2018 Location: 946 Bells Ridge Road, Bedford, KY 40006


Riding Lessons 12:00 pm

Games 2:00 pm

Dinner 5:00 pm

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Saddleback Members Next Women’s Day Event – Sunday October 28th, 2018 – noon to 4 pm

» 29 September 2018 » In News » No Comments

Our next Women’s Day ride is scheduled for Sunday, October 28th, 2018 from noon to 4 pm. Details are at the link below. I’m hoping we don’t get rained out this time. Please share the event and get the word out.

Facebook Events – Women’s Day Ride

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Saddleback Members Workday rescheduled until September 15

» 07 September 2018 » In News » No Comments

It looks like it’s gonna rain. Let’s move the workday till September 15. Our club has a number of projects that could be accomplished in 4 to 5 hours if we have a good turnout. The workday for tomorrow’s is canceled. Our workday is rescheduled for September 15

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Saddleback East – Work Day (Sept. 8)

» 05 September 2018 » In News » No Comments

This coming Saturday is a general workday at the facilities. Come out if you can to help repair/clean up our property. Starting at 8:30 am.

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Saddleback East Women’s Day

» 05 September 2018 » In News » No Comments

Calling all ladies!! If you would like to learn how to ride a dirt bike or you already master your machine and want to ride with other ladies then you’re invited to attend Women’s Day at Saddleback East on Sunday September 23rd, 2018, from noon to 4 pm.

Saddleback East Events – Women’s Day

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Saddleback Extreme – Oct 7th

» 02 September 2018 » In News » No Comments

Saddleback East Extreme Hard Hare Scramble – Oct 7th
Facebook Events – Saddleback Extreme

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Alta Motors – Electric Dirt Bike Demo 7-27 1:00 PM

» 18 July 2018 » In News » No Comments

We will have an Alta electric dirt bike demo, free to all on Friday 7-27-2018 starting at 1:00 PM

Demo will be a short mx loop and short off-road loop.

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Motocross Military Appreciation Race & Ride

» 10 July 2018 » In News » No Comments

Motocross Military Appreciation Race & Ride
July 27 – 28, 2018
More Details

Alta Motors also hosting a demonstration of their motorcycles. Starts Friday @ 1:00 PM.

Alta Motors Website

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“Toss a Rock” Free ride and lunch

» 29 June 2018 » In News » No Comments

Upcoming events (87.9 radio station for announcements)

7/4/18 “Toss a Rock” Free ride and lunch

On Monday and Tuesday we are completely unearthing the track. We will add 25 loads of sawdust and some sand to improve soil. Complete overhaul!

Here is the schedule for July 4

  • 9-11:00 am we are picking up rocks off course which will have been brought to the top by the excavating machine.
  • 1:30 am lunch
  • 12:00 am ride on your own until dark for free. No Quads.
    • USA Cares MX Race at Saddleback

    7-27-18 “MX Practice – all classes”. Military eats and rides free 10am…

    7/28/18 “USA Cares Military appreciation race” Will have all AMA classes plus a military only class & para-athlete class. Military and para-athlete classes for free.

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